Chesterton Academy of St. Nicholas

Northwest Indiana

Experience Joy. Impact Lives. Do It Monthly.

The widow put two small copper coins into the temple treasury. Jesus said, "This poor widow has given the most." — Luke 21:1-4

Make an Impact

The Power of Giving Two Pennies

Based on Luke 21:1-4 where any gift, especially a small gift, is of inestimable worth, the Two Penny Campaign is one of the most important fundraising programs we do:

  • Your monthly gifts go to where they are needed most

  • You can easily change or cancel payments anytime

  • Pay online by credit card or bank transfer

"There is a long-term benefit [in giving to Chesterton Academy]: the whole Kingdom of God grows."
Dale Ahlquist, President, Chesterton Schools Network

Just a Penny to Play (a Critical Role)

Your monthly gift will transform the lives of many students and their families. Consistent gifts play a critical role in our long-term efforts to serve and empower the next generation.

With Chesterton Academy of St. Nicholas, you can empower the Catholic Church to grow spiritually and intellectually through Christ's love and a classical, Catholic education. Will you give two pennies or $20 or $200 a month, starting today?